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Internal Medicine
  • Our specialists are trained to treat the range of diseases listed below. It is usually best to be seen by one of these specialists first and if you require more advanced referral, they can advise you on which sub-specialist you need to see.

  • Internal Medicine – Adult Medicine Specialists
    Cardiology (Heart)
    Endocrinology (Diabetes/Thyroid)
    Nephrology (Kidneys)
    Neurology (Nervous System)
    Gastroenterology/Hepatology (Stomach/Digestive/Liver)
    Pulmonology (Lungs)
    Hematology (Blood diseases including Sickle Cell Anemia and Leukemia)
    Oncology (Initial screening/evaluation for cancers)
    Infectious Diseases (Including HIV)
    ENT (non-surgical Ear/Nose/Throat)
    Dermatology (Basic Skin Problems)