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Jahmale Medical Solutions is a comprehensive Outpatient Medical Center providing world-class Diagnostic and Specialty Clinical Services to Liberia and the West-African Sub-region.

 Commissioned as a private investment by the National Social Security Corporation (NASSCORP), our facility comprises a three-story imaging and laboratory building with an adjoining four-story outpatient clinic and pharmacy building. Jahmale’s diagnostic facility offers state-of-the-art Imaging, Laboratory and Pathology Services while the Clinic boasts fully-certified specialists in Pediatrics, Internal (Adult) Medicine, OB/GYN and General Surgery. Our services have greatly increased the range of diagnostic and therapeutic options available in Liberia and we are confident that our presence will ultimately impact the way that medicine is practiced throughout the country.

At Jahmale, we strive to deliver the highest quality patient care and ensure an efficient and responsive customer experience. We vow to continue developing strong networks with doctors, hospitals, clinics and insurance companies to the benefit of our patient population in Liberia and the region.




 Johan Bekker

Clinical Pathology

Microbiology (Specialised)

Experienced in Clinical Pathology and Management, working in public and private sectors in various African Countries and South Africa. Experience includes developing and managing sustainable solutions through varied business phases such as Implementation of Total Quality Management Systems and project management.



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