Jahmale has a HITACHI TESLA OPEN BORE MRI scanner system allowing High-Field and High-Resolution images. Without compromising image quality, our scanner provides comfortable examinations imaging of all parts of the body. The MRI is very good at identifying issues with soft tissues, ligaments, veins, and Arteries tendons.

Jahmale’s MRI Scanner is capable of accommodating larger patients, with a table weight capacity of up to 375 pounds.

Jahmale Medical Solutions Radiology Department offers a comfortable imaging environment to meet the needs of our clients. Our modern instruments offer high diagnostic quality ensuring we give our patients excellent results. With highly professional and well-trained staff, Jahmale is capable of recommending the right procedure tailored to the patient’s referring pathological needs. All imaging orders come with a written report from our board-certified radiologist. A film of the images taken is available immediately upon completion of the procedure(s).

The Radiology Department serves our in-house clinic as well as other clinics and hospitals around Liberia. A doctor’s request is needed for all imaging procedures. See the following documents: Imaging Test Catalog, Imaging Request Form.


Please note the following:

  • Imaging appointments are encouraged but not mandatory.
  • All reports, with the exception of ultrasound and electrocardiogram, will be available within a minimum of 48 hours. Ultrasound reports are available within one hour and electrocardiogram reports are available within twenty minutes.
  • CD of images taken is available upon request.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment. Walk-in patients are also accepted.

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