What Will My Jahmale Medical Solutions Services Cost?


Out-of-pocket payment

Figuring out what health care is going to cost can be difficult and confusing. Variables include the charge for the service, what your insurance approves and pays, and what amounts are applied to your deductible or co-pay. If you are paying out-of-pocket (i.e. you are uninsured, require services that are not covered by your insurance, or have surpassed your insurance coverage limit), you may take advantage of additional discounts by presenting your Social Security ID Card.

Online payments

For clinic patients, we estimate an average visit may cost US$200.00 (Two Hundred United States Dollars) which includes consultation, routine diagnostic tests, and medication; however, actual costs may vary based on further investigative diagnostic tests.

For referred diagnostic patients, we advise a minimum of US$50.00 (Fifty United States Dollars) be deposited for routine laboratory tests and a minimum of US$100.00 (One Hundred United States Dollars) be deposited for basic imaging procedures.

In instances where the cost of services exceeds your minimum deposit, you will be required to make additional payment prior to the completion of services.

Please note, all online payments are subject to local bank charges, which shall be deducted from your deposit.