Men's Wellness Packages

Men's Wellness packages are available to.........

DNA Services

DNA services are available to local and international clients for personal, legal, and immigration purposes.

Clinical Services

Our primary care physicians and specialists are trained and certified in various fields of medicine and can prescribe reliable therapeutic options that can be found at our in-house pharmacy.

Diagnostic Services

Our diagnostic wing provides physicians with reliable and timely results and imaging interpretation to effectively treat patients and nurse them back to health.

National leaders in
diagnostics and clinical services

With a modern infrastructure, state of the art machinery, exceptional service and the most professional staff, Jahmale has changed the way healthcare is done in Liberia.

Why Choose Us

At Jahmale, we believe every patient and patient interaction is different. The one thing that is constant is that we ensure our patients know that they are our priority.

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Patient Care


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CT Scanner

Computed tomography (CT) scan is a useful diagnostic tool for detecting diseases and injuries. It uses a series of X-rays and a computer to produce a 3D image of soft tissues and bones.

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Meet our doctors

Our doctors are some of the best doctors in the world. Diagnosing with extremely high accuracy, they are highly experienced and highly skilled. They are always willing to care for you and nurse you back to health.

Dr. Fanta D. Kibungu

General Practitioner MD & MPH.
Graduated at the University of Kinshasa, Medical school (DR -Congo) and
MPH in Epidemiology at Cuttington University/ Liberia.
Serving in Primary health care for over 14 years also serve as international Humanitarian in MSF - Spain. Currently at Jahmale Medical Solutions.

Dr. Henry A. Konuwa Jr.

MD, MBA/HCM, Head Physician & General Practitioner.
Dedicated Medical Doctor with professional experience for more than 35 years ranging from patient management, and cardiovascular research to hospital management. Currently supervised and coordinates activities of all GPs and specialists at Jahmale Medical Solutions

Dr. Laurene A. Morris

General Practitioner.
Experienced British Trained General Practitioner with years of experience working in England as well as in Liberia. She has a solid foundation in providing holistic primary care services to both adults and children and a passion for preventive healthcare. Currently working at Jahmale Medical Solutions.


What our patients say

At Jahmale, they diagnosed me with impressive accuracy and gave me the right medicines to counteract the effects of the illness. Now I'm better than ever.

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Dennis Brima
Diagnostics Patient

I can say with absolute certainty that, of all the hospitals I've been to, Jahmale Medical was the most professional looking. The staff really looked after me well.

Jahmale Testimonial Profile Image
Jasmine Krama
Clinical Patient

My name is Charlotte. I am very happy with Jahmale's service. I had back pains and they diagnosed me with the MRI machine and cured it for me. Thank you Jahmale.

Jahmale Testimonial Profile Image
Charlotte Ashton
Imaging Patient

The place, the staff and their equipment were more than impressive, I was even more impressed with how seamless their entire process was. I'm really happy I chose to come to Jahmale.

Jahmale Testimonial Profile Image
Benedict Ashore
Laboratory Patient

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